When it comes to legal matters, you need hard-hitting representation from an experienced attorney who knows the many ins, outs and subtle nuances of the law. Attorney Robert B. Marcus offers precisely that. Our office has the skill, expertise and over 38 years of experience you’ll want on your side when dealing with any legal entanglement. Contact Robert B. Marcus today. We'd be happy to answer all of your questions.

Attorney Marcus’s primary focus is Bankruptcy. There is NO CHARGE FOR CONSULTATION. He can answer your questions personally in his my office or on the telephone.

Attorney Marcus can do the following:                                               

• Stop Foreclosure
• Stop Creditor Harassment
• Stop Sheriff Sale
• Stop Wage Garnishment
• Stop Repossession
• Stop Utility Shut Off
• Stop IRS Problems
• Stop Lawsuits

Most consumer bankruptcies are the result of seven basic causes, absolutely none of which is really within the control of you, the debtor.

How can you expect to continue paying your bills in a reliable manner when one of these occurrences happens to you?

• Loss of extra pay (bonuses, commissions, overtime hours or a second job)
• Unexpected increase in living expenses (new family member or job relocation)
• Major illness or extended medical problems which cause a reduced income
• For small business owners, an economic downturn or failure of a business
• Death of a spouse or related bread-winner
• Divorce
• Involuntary loss of employment

And sometimes, even if one of the above circumstances doesn't occur, you may have just overspent.

Call Attorney Marcus today and he can answer the following questions or schedule an appointment to meet with him in person:

• Do I need an attorney to file bankruptcy ?
• How much does a bankruptcy cost and how do I pay ?
• Why should I use Attorney Robert B. Marcus to file my bankruptcy ?
• Do I have to go to court and see a Judge ?
• Can my bankruptcy be turned down ?
• How long does a bankruptcy take ?
Other frequently asked questions:
• The phone calls are overwhelming! What can a bankruptcy do ?
• How does bankruptcy give me protection from my creditors ?
• What are the different kinds of bankruptcy ?
• Will I lose my existing credit cards ?
• Can I use my credit cards now to get money or buy things, and then file bankruptcy ?
• How long does a bankruptcy stay on my credit report ?
• Does that mean I won't have credit for all those years ?
• Will I be able to get my credit back ?

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